Our Company

REMA was founded out of a need to help women explore new styles and freedoms in the world of fashion using our scarf line.  Within the confines of a little garage, the passion for design, and the impressions of culture allowed itself to grow into well-inspired fashion concepts.

Our thought process behind scarves was to cultivate the culture of modesty and charm in an fashionable way.

Over the years, the demand to expand our accessory line and now clothing has allowed our company to grow beyond our wildest dreams. Scarves are considered an essential accessory, but the real treasure lies within our collection of the most versatile items you can find on the market!

Today, we have created a balance that extends across patterns, neutrals and personalities which makes us more than just another fashion brand. Our customers are everyday women at work, moms, and women that just want to be comfortable without having to try to hard to look fashionable.

We go the extra mile to source the best fabrics locally, abroad, and support fabric manufacturers that have sustainability practices.

We believe in happy employees (manufacturing practices) + better products (sourcing) to support happy customers like you! No compromise here.